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Our Proposal

Let us apply PHLEROBO™, our patented AI & Robotic based phlebotomy workflow automation system, for both in- and out-patient settings, at your hospital to reduce patient waiting time, to obliterate queues, to minimize contact and to maintain social distancing between patients. For in-patient settings, we provide complete mobility to phlebotomists even if wireless connection may not be present by patient bedside. We also offer our award winning robotic solution NESLI™ 4.0, phlebotomist's assistant for blood tube selection and labelling, to save staff time and costs.



Entire workflow is planned and tracked by PHLEROBO. Patient queues are obliterated. Staff-patient-patient contacts are reduced to absolute minimum. AI predicts patient service time at arrival and recommends optimal number of phlebotomists. Staff performance and workflow are monitored real-time.



Phlebotomists are given complete mobility. All tasks can be performed by patient bedside even if there is no network connection available. It accelerates workflow and saves huge time for phlebotomists. Sample taking time is registered, samples are tracked and identification errors brought to zero.

NESLI™ 4.0

Robotic Automation

Blood tubes selected, labelled and presented to phlebotomist just in time for patient arrival. Smart robot Nesli 4.0 can serve two phlebotomists and offers significant savings on staff time and costs. It is very easy to use and to load. NESLI can work independently or as a component of PHLEROBO system.

Customer Benefits

Complete Automation

Both in-patient and out-patient phlebotomy workflow are automated completely. All steps of workflow are recorded. Staff performance and workflow state can be tracked and monitored real-time.

Minimum Contact

Staff-patient-patient contact times are minimized. Patients do not handle tubes eliminating risks of infection. Significantly reduced service time results in fewer patients present in the phlebotomy center.

Robotic Automation

Tube selection and labelling are costly. Robotic automation is cheaper and faster. Our personalized robot creates no central point of failure. Phlebotomy workflow can benefit from robotic automation.


Use of mobile technology gives mobility to staff and provides patients an opportunity for social distancing. Mobile technology offers efficiencies to phlebotomy workflow that were not possible before.

Why Full Automation ?

Since phlebotomy workflow involves most patients, small hick ups may have serious consequences. In in-patient settings, preparation for phlebotomy can put a big strain on staff time. In out-patient phlebotomy centers, patients may have to wait in queues for long periods of time, may have to handle own tubes and many steps in phlebotomy workflow may not be recorded properly.

PHLEROBO™ solves all these problems using AI & Robotics and makes phlebotomy workflow transparent, controllable and manageable.

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PHLEROBO™ Against Viruses

Accumulation of patients at out-patient phlebotomy centers, no doubt, presents a challenge during COVID-19 times and beyond. In some countries and centers, patients have to handle their own tubes which increases risks for infections through tube contamination. PHLEROBO™ obliterates patient queues and the need for patients to handle their own tubes. It reduces service times greatly thus number of patients who have to be present at a given time in the center is much fewer (about three times less) than possible with queue management systems. Use of mobile technologies offer patients the opportunity to socially distance themselves.

Robotic Automation

Tube selection and labelling are costly. Robotic automation of these tasks is much cheaper and faster. NESLİ™ 4.0 completely automates these tasks, therefore, offers significant gains both financially and operationally. Our solution uses a personalized robotic design and avoids creating a single point of failure. NESLİ can be used both in out-patient and in-patient phlebotomy workflow.

Artificial Intelligence

AI can predict, with great accuracy, patient service time at time of arrival. AI can determine optimal number of phlebotomists for the workload and make recommendations. A thorough and a detailed reporting reveals all weaknesses and strengths in workflow real-time. All steps in phlebotomy workflow are recorded properly. Sample safety and sample tracking are provided. Patient identification errors are blocked, OGTT-like repeating tests are scheduled and handled properly. Patients can be serviced based on priority.

High Performance

PHLEROBO motivates high staff performance, high accuracy, and high patient satisfaction.

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