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Phlebotomy Unit Management


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Laboratory Information Management

Lab Standards Plus™

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Our Services

Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning

We help you choose the right learning architecture and algorithms for building successful intelligent systems.

Robotic Process Automation

We help you pick the right type of robot for the task and build it ground up to a functional intelligent partner working for you.

Computer Vision

We provide robotic vision solutions in manufacturing, healthcare, retail and service based industries. For example; object identification and tracking.


Post-installation support and further development is key to continued success in AI applications. We monitor AI systems continuously and improve.

AI-Based Phlebotomy Unit Automation

AmiralIn out-patient phlebotomy units, our flagship product Phlerobo ends chaos in patient flow, provides manageability, eliminates pre-analytic errors as well as provide patient comfort. Our smart tube preparation robot Nesli 4.0 helps phlebotomists concentrate on patients.

Through on-line/off-line mode, Phlerobo serves in-patient wards' phlebotomy needs perfectly enabling full trackability of stages of blood collection.

AI-Based Medical Laboratory Automation

Our AI-Based digital laboratory management system, Lab Standards Plus, unites all stages of laboratory testing; pre-analytical, analytical and post analytical. This unified approach combined with Deep Learning based verification, AI-Based test ordering, test results’ clinical evaluation and predictive internal quality control offers financial and medical achievements that had not been possible up to now.

AI-Based Diagnostic Support

Our AI-Based Tools for Medical Diagnostics accelerate clinical decision making so that clinicians can devote more time to their patients. Our radiological and laboratory -based diagnostics tools offer near human-level accuracy.

Robotic Process Automation

We can combine robotics with computer vision and machine learning in industrial, hospital and retail settings. Our capabilities extend to all levels of essential hardware and software components in robotic project design and implementation.

Computer Vision

We can deliver robotic vision for autonomous robot applications. Other capabilities include face recognition, crowd counting, object identification, segmentation and tracking. We also have solutions for assessment and analysis of radiological images.

AI-Based, Predictive Industrial Quality Control

BilgisayarComputer vision based quality checking, sample measurement, data gathering in a manufacturing environment and using data to predict various quality control events are in our skiil set. In addition we have solutions for medical laboratories where algorithms predict the times analyzers might go out of control with high degree of confidence.

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